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Rutgers Plant & Pest Advisory

To better serve you in-season we offer a number of ways you can stay up to date on the latest vegetable news.
Plant & Pest Advisory information comes straight from our research and extension to your business –fast– because rapidly changing information impacts production.

Vegetable Crops Edition

The Plant & Pest Advisory communicates concise, timely, seasonal management pearls that have served to sustain NJ commercial growers for over 40 years. Articles focus on insect, disease, and weed management. Emerging issues in Farm Food Safety, Crop Insurance, and disease forecasting using NEWA are also discussed.

-Potato Disease Forecasting

For growers interested in tracking DSV’s and calculating P-days to guide applications.

-Tomato Disease Forecasting

For growers interested in utilizing the Tom-Cast model to guide applications.

Commercial Ag Updates

Rutgers Cooperative Extension Ag Agents update you on what they see in the field, upcoming events, and other important news that affects your operation.


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